Deep Calls Unto Deep

Deep Calls Unto Deep2013

About the image:

Rhema Art: Deep Calls Unto Deep by Lisa Eaton

The Hebrew letter Mem represents the waters of a womb. Only through labor and great pain is something new and wonderful birthed. Mem is connected to the number 40 in Scripture, which is connected to testing, trials, and tribulations. Every believer in Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) must face tribulation. The hardening of our hearts—which has come from living in this world and in the bondage to sin—can only be transformed through tribulation. Only through the waters of tribulation do we finally cry out to God, longing for the infilling of His Spirit. When the “deep” within us calls out to the “deep” that is God, we finally open the door to let Him in. He rushes into our hearts with healing. He renews us by putting a new mind and a new spirit within our being. Our hearts of stone are turned to hearts of flesh, and at last we have wholeness, we have shalom. In Hebrew, shalom means “restoration back to wholeness;” And so we are restored within ourselves, and our relationship to the Creator is restored. And at last, we finally know the unparalleled desire to worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

For more information please see the blog post entitled Deep Calls Unto Deep.

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