A timely word of encouragement, love, or hope can be like wind in our sails to propel us forward.

It was a word of love from God’s heart and his personal promise of deliverance that carried Elisa through years of depression and into freedom. Now on the other side of that journey, she considers it to be an honor to speak lifeencouragement, and blessing to others through the medium of fine art. Elisa has been commissioned to design matted and shadowbox artwork (Aleph-Bet Blessings or Rhema Art), family blessings, and ketubahs.


New Creation New Song

Keep God’s Eternal Promises Before You in Vibrant Color

Have you been looking for a Word of encouragement and hope from the LORD?

Do you have a friend or family member whom you would like to bless with a piece of custom-created artwork?

Or have you been searching for a personalized wedding, baby shower, or anniversary gift?

A fine art piece by Elisa Eaton captures God’s eternal promises and enduring love for you. Each creation provides more than just a visual expression of Scriptural promises—included with each piece is a letter intended to bless, exhort, and inspire the recipient. When you order from Butterfly Mind Designs, Elisa seeks the LORD for each design in order to bring you a personalized message that comes

straight from God’s heart to yours.



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