About Elisa Eaton

“I believe that every human is an artist. Every one of us has the power to shape the world through our gifts and talents. My passion is to help people awaken their inner artist, and honor the One in whose image they were made. Such an awakening is critical if we want to see and experience a better world.” —Elisa Eaton


Author, Prophetic Artist, and Creative Activist

From a young age, Elisa Eaton saw life through the lens of an artist and writer. Through difficult life experiences and after battling depression for over ten years, Elisa found healing, strength, and a new beginning when she fully yielded her life to the Creator.

As she poured into His Word with fresh eyes and new fervor, God took her on a spiritual and physical journey that has transformed her heart and her life perspective. This journey left her overflowing from His daily revelations. So, Elisa sought the LORD for a way to express the new love and passion she had found in His Word—and the very language it was written in. Under the gentle direction of the Good Shepherd, Elisa learned how to let go of perfectionism and let the Master Artist teach her how to take her creativity to another level.

Elisa is committed to sharing the source of her healing and strength—Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ)—with others through the written word, her art, and creative activism. She has a passion for seeing hearts healed,  minds renewed, and the world transformed through the Word of God.

For more information on her writing and blogging please visit http://www.waitinginthewings.org.