About the Artist


From a young age, Elisa Eaton saw life through the lens of an artist and writer. Through difficult life experiences and an incredible journey through the wilderness, she became the apprentice of the Master Artist.

After battling depression for over ten years, Elisa found healing, strength, and a new beginning when she fully yielded her life to the Creator. As she poured into His Word with fresh eyes and new fervor, He took her on a spiritual and physical journey that has transformed her heart and her life perspective. Overflowing from His daily revelations, she sought the LORD for a way to express the new love and passion she had for His Word—and the very language it was written in. Led by His Spirit, Elisa learned to let go of perfectionism and let the Master Artist teach her how to take her creativity to another level.

Elisa is committed to sharing the source of her healing and strength—Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ)—with others through the written word and through her art. She has a passion for seeing hearts healed and minds renewed through the Word of God.

Elisa is the author of the e-book series Stolen Identity as well as the blog Waiting in the Wings. For more information please visit:

Stolen Identity

Waiting in the Wings