About the Art


“Dawning Hope”

Butterfly Mind Designs features artwork inspired by the Spirit of the Living God. Each piece is created primarily with a focus on the Hebrew language. The Hebrew language, along with the original pictograph language, has ocean-deep meaning built into each letter, offering a unique perspective of the Word of God.

Butterfly Mind Designs features several types of artwork:

Rhema Art – Rhema in Greek means “word, saying, utterance.” While each Rhema Art piece focuses on a specific Hebrew word or letter, there is usually a rhema word that accompanies it. Whether it is a Scripture the LORD is speaking directly to the hearts of His people or a Scripturally-based rhema word for His people, each piece is inspired by the Spirit, through meditation on the Word of God and the Hebrew language.

Aleph-Bet Blessings – An Aleph-Bet Blessing piece focuses on one Hebrew letter. As the Spirit leads, each piece is crafted to visually express a personalized blessing from the heart of the LORD which is connected to the unique meaning behind each Hebrew letter.

Family Trees – In Scripture, people are often symbolically compared to trees. Inspired by the Word of God and the concept of “family trees,” Elisa began making blessings geared toward the family. Similar to an Aleph-Bet Blessing, family trees are created to express a personalized blessing from the heart of the LORD.

Ketubahs – Nothing says “I love you” more than a custom-created work of art to display a couple’s lifelong commitment to each other. In ancient Hebrew culture, a Ketubah was a marriage contract that outlined the rights and responsibilities of the groom to care and provide for his bride. In modern times there are people who have adopted this beautiful Jewish tradition in order to take their marriage vows to a new level. Elisa began making Ketubot for friends who learned of her artistic talents and were looking for a personalized, fine art ketubah. Through word-of-mouth commissions, Elisa gradually learned how to both write and design ketubot that expressed the couple’s individual style, as well as God’s heart of blessing and encouragement for them. Each ketubah and design is completely unique, handmade, and hand-written.

For more information about commissions, please visit our commissions page.