A True Mosaic Artist: God Makes Broken Beautiful

mosaic-200868Someone once commented on how painstaking a task it seemed for me to do mosaic art. Up until that point, I hadn’t given it much thought. Creating a whole picture by drawing and coloring in multiple shapes certainly takes more time and energy than other pieces I’ve created. Yet it is a wonderful feeling to see how so many small pieces come together to make a whole piece. Although the whole is created a piece at a time, I rarely concentrate on brokenness when the finished product is always kept in my mind’s eye.

This is very much how the LORD is with His creation. It doesn’t take very much to see that we are broken people living in a broken world. Generation after generation adds to the brokenness, and some days we may feel less than enthusiastic about passing our brokenness down to the next generation. However, that’s looking from the wrong perspective. When God is looking at us and working on us, He isn’t focused on our state of brokenness. Instead, God keeps the image of each of us in His mind as a whole, beautiful creation that He intended us to be. He is also more than patient about the process it takes to put us back together again.

A good friend of mine once reminded me that “God makes broken beautiful.” Whatever our mess and whatever the mess that was passed down to us from previous generations is just a masterpiece waiting to be rebuilt by the Master Artist. But it is up to us to hand over ourselves and our broken pieces. We cannot fix ourselves. I can say from experience that it gets a bit scary as God breaks a piece of me down or files an edge down to fix into the design He has in mind. But after each trial I go through I watch in awe as I see how my God reshapes yet another area of my life. That part of my life doesn’t look the way it did before–in fact, it looks better than I ever imagined that it could!

The God of Israel is so good! I pray that through the power and help of His Spirit I can continue to see myself as He sees me. And that is also my prayer for you, Dear Reader. Don’t be afraid to hand Him your broken pieces and don’t be afraid of the process it takes for Him to bring restoration. The God of Israel makes broken things beautiful!

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