Deep Calls Unto Deep

Deep Calls Unto Deep2013

During a season where the LORD was intensely working on my heart, He gave me this beautiful word picture for the process of healing He had me going through. At the same time, unbeknownst to me, I was creating my first “Rhema Art” piece.

“Deep Calls Unto Deep”

You have humbled yourself before me. You have acknowledged that you need me, the only Living God. You have invited me back into your heart. But before I can fully dwell within you, a new heart I must give to you. If you are willing, I will change it. With a humble attitude, I will make it new.

But it will hurt, My child. I will remove your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh, a process that only comes through trials and tribulation. But behold, I AM with you always, even to the end of the age. Did not Moses part the Red Sea by My Power? Did I not defeat the armies of Pharaoh with the power of a single Word? Did I not feed all of Israel with My manna from heaven? When they thirsted, did I not provide water to quench? So, I shall do with you. I AM the same yesterday, today, and always. I AM still mighty to save. And I will never leave or forsake you, says the LORD. Call on Me in times of trouble, and I will hear you from heaven and come.

I will make a way out of no way to deliver you from the hand of the enemy, whose lies have been planted in your heart. I will uproot and tear down what he has placed there while you slept unaware. I will strengthen you in weakness, and I will fill you with My power to instruct, to heal, and to raise up others who are still in bondage and in pain. I will feed you with the hidden manna from heaven, the fullness of my Word. I will write it upon the tablets of your new heart. And at last, rivers of living water will flow through you by My Spirit, says the LORD.

Only let me heal your land—your heart. Trust in Me, though your eyes and ears may not understand what I AM doing at first; for I will give you My wisdom if you only ask. Trust in Me through the storm, for I AM the storm. I AM everywhere. I will never leave or forsake you, says the LORD.


About the image:

Rhema Art: Deep Calls Unto Deep by Lisa Eaton

The Hebrew letter Mem represents the waters of a womb. Only through labor and great pain is something new and wonderful birthed. Mem is connected to the number 40 in Scripture, which is connected to testing, trials, and tribulations. Every believer in Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) must face tribulation. The hardening of our hearts—which has come from living in this world and in the bondage to sin—can only be transformed through tribulation. Only through the waters of tribulation do we finally cry out to God, longing for the infilling of His Spirit. When the “deep” within us calls out to the “deep” that is God, we finally open the door to let Him in. He rushes into our hearts with healing. He renews us by putting a new mind and a new spirit within our being. Our hearts of stone are turned to hearts of flesh, and at last we have wholeness, we have shalom. In Hebrew, shalom means “restoration back to wholeness;” And so we are restored within ourselves, and our relationship to the Creator is restored. And at last, we finally know the unparalleled desire to worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

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